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KDS Metal Slim Cutter -(S-12)

OLFA - A-2 Cutter

KDS Twist L Cutter - (L-19YE)

KDS Slim Trim Cutter - (S-18)

RM 16.50Add to CartRM 17.90Add to CartRM 20.50Add to CartRM 15.90Add to Cart

KDS Pocket Slim Cutter - (S-14BL)

KDS Plastic Cutter - (P-11YE)

KDS Auto Lock Cutter - (L-18YE)

UMOE - Cutter Knife - (CU2012BP)

RM 13.00Add to CartRM 22.00Out of StockRM 19.00Add to CartRM 4.90Add to Cart

SDI - Cutter Knife In Sliding Card - (NO.5433A)

SDI - Cutter Knife - (5416A)

SDI - Cutter Knife High Carbon Steel Blade - (NO.3051C)

M&G - Utility Knife (No.Ass91448)

RM 7.50Add to CartRM 5.90Add to CartRM 16.90Add to CartRM 1.90Add to Cart

Dolphin - Utility Knife - (No.DOL-8389)

Dolphin - Utility Knife - (DOL-701)

Dolphin - Cutter Knife -DOL - (481)

Dolphin - Cutter Knife -DOL - (8387)

RM 6.50Add to CartRM 6.20Add to CartRM 3.50Add to CartRM 9.50Add to Cart

Deli - Utility Knife - (No.2067)

Deli - Utility Knife - (No.2039)

DELI - Ultility Knife - (NO.2057)

DELI - Pro Cutter - (REF 2031)

RM 6.90Add to CartRM 4.20Add to CartRM 18.90Add to CartRM 3.70Add to Cart

Deli - Cutter - (No.2058)

OLFA - Plastic:Laminate Cutter - (PC-S)

OLFA - EXL Cutter - (EXL)

OLFA - A1 Cutter - (A-1)

RM 3.40Add to CartRM 25.90Add to CartRM 25.90Add to CartRM 17.90Add to Cart

OLFA - 60mm Rotary Cutter - (RTY-3:G)

OLFA - 28mm Rotary Cutter - (RTY-1:G)

RM 82.90Add to CartRM 39.90Add to Cart  

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